TOKYO GHOST CITY – Tokyo Stories

Just out in Japan. TOKYO GHOST CITY, my book of Tokyo stories–part fact, part fabulism, with ghosts galore. Translated by the great Motoyuki Shibata. From Shinchosha publishers.

Generous early praise from Hiromi Kawakami:

“WHAT YOU WON’T FIND HERE: Morals. Anything like ‘our bonds,’ ‘my dream,’ or ‘testaments.’ Conformity. A classifying, categorizing mindset.

WHAT YOU WILL FIND : Curiosity. Tipsiness. Numerous ghosts (ranging from Osamu Dazai to the author’s own younger self). Slight forlornness. Something just this side of eternity.

Highly recommended to those of you who are confused by what’s going on these days.”

Early interview with Roads&Kingdoms about TOKYO GHOST GAGA (as TOKYO GHOST CITY was titled when it began as monthly magazine stories) .

TOKYO GHOST GAGA in Japan Times:”Chilling Japanese ghost tales with a contemporary twist”


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    Is this book available in the states?

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