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LA Times Interview on MESS

LA Times BY

A great Q&A with the LA Times about MESS. And what a photo, by Pulitzer Prize winner Carolyn Cole. .      

New York Times on My “Hoarder’s Redemption”

NY Times.2

  The New York Times’ lovely story on my MESS memoir and apartment. Cool photos.

MESS on Wisc Public Radio’s “Whad’ya Know” & NPR’s “Weekend Edition”

NPR Weekend Edition

       Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Whad’ya Know” & NPR’s “Weekend Edition Sunday” talk with me about MESS.  

“Hemingway, Clutterbug” + VICE excerpt from MESS


My piece for New about Hemingway as clutterbug.               And my VICE excerpt about the UK’s “most extreme hoarder.” With photos.