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“Burlap” in New Flash Fiction

“Burlap” – A little tale of trying to escape the world “Dr. Nakamura” – Story from BOMB A nasty story for kids VICE Interview about Nastybook on NPR   […]

MESS Talk + NY Times Profile

  My talk about my book, MESS — on clutter, hoarding, and the power of objects and memories. And the pain of letting go. At YEDI International Conference on Extinction, […]

A Man Jumps Out of An Airplane – New Edition

     “Barry Yourgrau manages to articulate your most bugged-out daydreams”  — Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) of the Beastie Boys From Arcade Publishing   MESS is out in UK and in […]

“Silver Arrows” from The Sadness of Sex – Film Version

On the hunt with Cupid, from the film version of my book, The Sadness of Sex, starring myself, with Peta Wilson (dir, Rupert Wainwright)