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“Marie Kondo” + “Hemingway, Clutterbug” + VICE excerpt from MESS

Kondo Page Turner

My piece on Marie Kondo for New My piece on Hemingway as clutterbug for New .               And my VICE excerpt about the UK’s “most […]

New York Times on My “Hoarder’s Redemption”

NY Times.2

  The New York Times’ lovely story on my MESS memoir and apartment. Cool photos.

LA Times Interview on MESS

LA Times BY

A great Q&A with the LA Times about MESS. And what a photo, by Pulitzer Prize winner Carolyn Cole. .      

MESS on Wisc Public Radio’s “Whad’ya Know” & NPR’s “Weekend Edition”

NPR Weekend Edition

       Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Whad’ya Know” & NPR’s “Weekend Edition Sunday” talk with me about MESS.